White Papers

Real Estate

ESG: Real Estate Companies are a Positive Force

2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

REITs in a Rising Rate Environment

U.S. Presidential Election Results and the Implications for Real Assets

U.S. REITS Get a Seat at the Big Table

US REITs are Cheap Relative to Private Market Values

Real Estate M&A is on the Rise

Why Rising Interest Rates are Actually Good for Real Estate Stocks

How REITs are Positioned in a Rising Interest Rate Environment

International Listed Real Estate: Investment Opportunities Abroad Complement a U.S. Property Allocation

Lower Oil Prices and the Implications for U.S. REITs

The Benefits of Active Management for Real Estate Securities

The Case for Global Listed Real Estate Securities in a Mixed Asset Portfolio 



Listed Infrastructure Investing: Advantage Active Management

Investing in Listed Infrastructure: Complementing an Unlisted Infrastructure Allocation

Listed Infrastructure: Predictable and Stable Asset Growth

MLPs 2.0 The Path Forward for Midstream MLPs

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