Total Return Strategy

Listed Real Estate Securities

We believe real estate securities offer investors the advantages of competitive total returns, consistent dividend income, and portfolio diversification.  In addition, real estate securities provide investors with the benefits of increased liquidity and transparency via the public markets as compared to generally illiquid investments in the private market.
Our Total Return Strategy is designed to maximize risk adjusted returns through investing in a well-diversified portfolio of real estate equity securities.  Our investment process seeks to identify regions/sectors that offer more attractive real estate pricing in the listed markets versus the private markets.  Analysis of listed property companies includes underwriting supply/demand trends and modeling cash flow projections for listed companies, including detailed analysis of the balance sheet and sources/uses of capital, as well as assessing the capability of management teams.

Investment Expertise and Track Record

CBRE Clarion Securities offers institutional and individual investors both globally and regionally focused strategies with well-established track records:
Strategy Inception Date
U.S. Real Estate Securities October 1984
Global Real Estate Securities November 2001
International Real Estate Securities (Global ex-U.S.) November 2001
Asia-Pacific Real Estate Securities February 2006
European Real Estate Securities November 2007
Investments can be made directly or through a number of our distribution partners worldwide.  In addition, we have experience offering institutional investors a variety of customized solutions. 

Please contact us for more information on our investment strategies. 


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