Global Infrastructure Strategy

Infrastructure represents the structures and systems which are real assets that provide society with the essential resources to function. 

We believe investment in infrastructure is among the world's leading growth drivers and is a strategic priority for countries worldwide.  Listed infrastructure companies are playing a significant role in the investment required for growth of the infrastructure asset class globally.

The Strategy's investment universe includes companies that have a majority of their assets in, or derive a majority of their revenue from, the ownership, management, development or operation of long-lived income producing infrastructure assets.  Examples of infrastructure assets include: toll roads, airports, communication towers, utilities, oil and gas pipelines, and storage facilities.  Historically, these assets have provided investors with the unique and attractive investment characteristics such as high barriers to entry, consistent demand, and predictable revenue streams. 

We believe a successful approach to global infrastructure investing is driven by the ability to look beyond the allocations and constituents of industry benchmarks.  Our Strategy utilizes a multi-step investment process combining top-down, research driven portfolio design with bottom-up securities selection based on intensive fundamental company analysis.Portfolio construction and risk mitigation guidelines are employed to arrive at a diversified portfolio we believe offers the best risk adjusted return potential. 

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