Corporate Responsiblity

CBRE Clarion is a global investment manager that believes sustainability is a material consideration in the underwriting of investments.
We believe that sustainability has bearing on the assessment of property company management teams, including their ability to add to shareholder value over time.  We also believe that sustainability is linked to enhancing value among the various stakeholders in a real estate property company, including but not limited to tenants, employees, shareholders, investors and the community.
Our parent company, CBRE, has been at the forefront of this movement. In 2007, CBRE took several important steps to be recognized as a leader in Corporate Responsibility. CBRE designed policies to better define and improve its practices in the six areas of deepest concern to its stakeholders: (1) governance; (2) ethics and compliance; (3) environmental stewardship; (4) employee relations and diversity; (5) health and safety;  and (6) community involvement and philanthropy.
At CBRE Clarion Securities we leverage CBRE’s policies and actions. At the same time, we have developed a complementary program that provides a framework for coordinating and building on our current initiatives and setting explicit new goals.   

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